ASTON ELITE Is A California Aston Martin car club.

CLUB OBJECTIVE:  Some Aston Martin car clubs say they are “all about the cars.”  Our club is “all about the people,” and our objective is to have fun driving our Aston Martins and make friends - in style.

EVENTS:  Our activities will center on driving our Aston Martins to interesting venues, enjoying superior lodging, fine dining, dinner parties and martinis - shaken not stirred.  We will partake of traditional events like Pebble Beach’s Tour d’Elegance and the American Le Mans at Laguna Seca.  Some events will be sans Aston, such as ski trips to Tahoe or the Alps, ocean cruises or the occasional jaunt to Europe to play in Monaco’s casinos, or run the bobsled in St. Moritz, or view the 24 Hour Le Mans in France.  All of our events will be couples oriented (no children attending).

MEMBERSHIP:  Those Aston Martin owners who have the taste, time, means and desire to live the “good life” are welcome.

FINANCES:  The club is a non-profit organization.  There are no membership fees or dues.  When achievable, the club will negotiate group rate discounts for travel, lodging, food and other such event expenditures.  The club will book blocks of seats/ rooms/ et cetera, for events, but will not handle member/participant monies.  Event participants will be responsible for placing their reservation deposits and settling their own accounts, directly, with travel, lodging, food and other such event vendors.

CLUB MOTTO:  “What would Bond do?”

CONTACT:  Obie R. Silverwood (  Tel: (559) 787-2245 FAX: (559)787-2857
Aston Elite - a California Aston Martin car club